A Gratitude List // September 2020

  • A sleepy baby girl sitting at my feet on the couch
  • A long morning nap this Shabbat
  • Finishing putting together all my 2019 photos, so that I can keep going on the photobook
  • A big home with lots of room and space to move and breath
  • Bird song all day every day
  • A growing garden
  • Making delicious things in the dehydrator lately
  • Rabbi Mendel & Esty – great friends!
  • All our friends that has stuck by us for so long, through quite a lot. It was Katie’s birthday this week and I worked out we have been friends for 15 years! What?!
  • My (bigger) kids are so excited about Father’s Day tomorrow, and that makes me so proud
  • Deep breaths. Like, REALLY deep breaths.
  • See my doctor on Monday. I’m excited to get my test results back and hopefully get something to help my problems!
  • My beautiful plant wall

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