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Excited to welcome baby number 4, at the end of Oct/start of Nov. 🤰 Loved deeply by its older siblings already who have been begging for Luke & I to let him or her join our family for quite a while. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Counting The Omer Questions for Kids – Day 2

I’m sharing some questions and discussion points to talk to kids about each day of the omer. I’ve also included an affirmation each day. You can see more of these on my instagram – @jewishaffirmations Day 2Gevurah in ChesedDiscipline in Lovingkindness What does discipline mean? Discipline when we talk about love usually means self control.Why do […]

Taking Stock Feb 2019

Making: A vertical garden for herbs. It’s a new design I haven’t tried before, so finger’s crossed it works! Cooking: Family dinner – always. Tonight it’s jacket potatoes.Sipping: Dandelion tea spiked with medicinal mushrooms. Always.Reading: A guide to kashering the kitchen (we’re nearing an intermediary conversation with the Beth Din and I want to make […]


Q:When are you most creative?A: Usually in the middle of the day. If I’m not too tired then love to get creative in the evening as well, but usually the middle of the day is best for me! Q: Fav youtube channels you subscribe to?A: The Modest Bohemian, Lulastic HippyShake, Little Kosher Lunch, Mayim Bialik. […]