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Children’s Book Review – High Holidays // VIDEO

I was pleasantly surprised when my book order came through nice and quickly last week. I had bought a number of books to add to our collection for the Fall Feasts – Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and Sukkot, and usually it takes AGES for things to arrive to us, but this seems to be another advantage to living in a capital city now – faster shipping. 🙂

Anyway, we got a bunch of books which I’ll list below, and I’m really happy with them. I love books for their unique ability to make you feel warm and fuzzy, loved, not alone, and excited for the holidays that are approaching. Books are wonderful. I’ve done a video below with a little book review (includes cameos of cute/annoying children) of each of the books we got in this pack.

If you have any suggestions for books that you love for these holidays, or for other Jewish holidays than I’d love to know about them! Please leave them in a comment below so we can all gain from your experience.


Book List:

  • Shabbat is Coming by Tracy Newman
  • Rosh Hashanah is Coming by Tracy Newman
  • Sammy Spider’s First Simchat Torah by Sylvia A Rouss
  • One Good Deed by Terri Fields
  • Sadie’s Sukkah Breakfast by Jamie Korngold
  • Talia’s Yum Kippur by 

high holiday books

2 thoughts on “Children’s Book Review – High Holidays // VIDEO

  1. Nechama

    My FAVORITE Jewish children’s book is Something From Nothing by Phoebe Gilman. It’s a Jewish folktale and there are other versions, but Gilman’s version is by far my favorite. It’s about a child named Joseph whose grandfather makes him a beautiful baby blanket. However, as the child gets older, his blanket becomes worn. His grandfather always manages to turn his blanket into something else (a vest, a button, etc). It’s so cute. It has a lot of Jewish illustrations (you can tell they live in a shtetl, he goes to cheder, there are mezuzahs on the doors, etc), however, nothing in the writing refers to anything Jewish. But my favorite part of the book is the illustrations at the bottom showing a mouse family that uses the scrap coming off of Joseph’s blanket for there own things.

    My other favorite children’s book is called …I Never Saw Another Butterfly. This book may be better for older children or very mature younger children. They are a collection of poems and drawings from children in the Terezin ghetto (Czechia). The words are gorgeous and the illustrations are also wonderful. It’s amazing to me that these children were still writing poetry and drawing when their world had been cut off.

    My last favorite book is Brundibar by Maurice Sendak. It’s based on an opera produced in Terezin. This one you can share with young children without talking about the horrors of the Holocaust. It’s about two children who go out to buy milk for their ill mother. They don’t have any money so they decide to sing in the marketplace. However, the evil organ grinder Brundibar drowns their voices out and they don’t make any money. But animals and other children help them to chase Brundibar away and they eventually are able to give their mother milk. It’s a great story about overcoming odds and problem-solving. The wording is a little strange, but I’ve learned to love it (It was originally written in Czech so maybe the translation is off.) And I love Maurice Sendak anyways so it’s great!

    As far as High Holiday books go, I like some but none are my favorites. Anyways I liked your video and your little costars 🙂


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