Dear Chaya // Ten Months

Dear Chaya,

My sweet girl, what joy you bring. It’s been so interesting to watch you develop this last month, and change from being happy to hug anyone, to just sticking to the people you know. Even Grandma and Pa doesn’t get an automatic hug! I guess it’s just part of your development and being aware of the big wide world all around you. What’s been most interesting is to see the two sides of CC – the way you act and play when you’re at home with me, and the way you act and play when there are other people around.

In the last month you have attended a Bar Mitzvah, started going to playgroup with me and Ahava, worked hard on pushing some teeth through (though they’re not through yet!), slept well some nights and not well the others! Oh, and you’re started to try and stand on your own a bit too!

Earlier this month your sleep was absolutely bonkers. We were waking up more than 6 times in a night, and it was a complete mystery as to what was wrong! We worked out that part of it was teeth – oh how they bothered you, and having some nurofen on really bad nights helped, and just bonjela on the other nights. There were some very big bulges of teeth, and some other tell tail signs of teething in your nappy…

But still, this didn’t explain everything with the bad sleep. You would squirm and wiggle and seem to be in pain, but you didn’t have gas. I wondered if this was still the formula bothering you, and being a bit hard to digest so I started adding some probiotics to each bottle. It took a few days, but it did the trick and you started more or less sleeping through, even on nights when we were sure you were still teething. Halleyuliah (but also not, because formula is expensive enough without having to buy a bottle of probiotics to go with it!).

I even tried at one point in the month to start expressing again, to add to your formula to make it easier to digest, but this wasn’t possible. I mean, physically I was making progress, but it would take a very big commitment to do that properly and get back tony decent level, and I just didn’t have that in me anymore. So probiotics it is and that seems to have done the trick!

Sleep wise you are also not so reliant on the dummy anymore during the night. You still like it to go to sleep, but even then, if it was bedtime and we were in the dark bedroom I wouldn’t feel completely hopeless about getting you to sleep!

My Uncle died this month and we were to his funeral. Not so important to you I guess, but it’s one of those things to record in your first year.

You like to play with Yacov Yoseph, who is about your age. He’s probably the only other baby you really see! You also love to try and climb up things! This month you learnt how to climb safely off the couch by sliding onto your tummy and then pushing yourself back. Clever girl! You’ve started having some little tantrums where starfish all over the ground and cry and cry. I hate to tell you, but it’s a bit cute. But you also make your point down there! I see a little bit of drama queen in you. You like to scream at the top of your lungs when anything touches or brushes past you in a way you don’t like!

You are so keen to give smiles, and even giggle. This month you have really loved looking and interacting with Eli. He is so gentle and kind with you, but doesn’t try to touch you too much or carry you around, and I think that’s why you’re so appreciative of him at the moment!

You are the sweetest girl, and I am loving spending my days with you on my hip, pottering around the house or visiting friends. You’re my little buddy, and I love you Chaya.

Love, Imma

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