Funny Milestones

My youngest daughter had her tongue tie snipped on Friday. It was a cause of anxiety leading up to it (mostly because of other people’s question to be honest), and a whole lot of nothing on the day. Being a mum is funny like that.

I wish I’d documented all of Chaya’s feeding and health journey properly (I have a lot of notes, but not many written out thoughts like this). Having a tongue tie is just the last (please G-D) thing in a long line of things that have tried to stop her from breastfeeding properly and growing as she should.

It has in many ways been like being in a newborn bubble for the last 18 weeks instead of the first 4. My life is almost completely concentrated on feeding Chaya.






SNS tube feeding.

And we haven’t stopped any of those things. I do all these things many times a day. Most days by the time I finish feeding her it’s time to pump, then after we quickly duck out to pick up other kids, cook some food for me or the other family members we start again. Wash, rinse, repeat (don’t even get me started on washing bottles – ugh).

On Thursday night we had soup with a chicken bone broth base, and Luke remembered that I’d said I wanted bone broth to be her first food. So he asked if she could have some whilst sitting up in her bumbo. He fed her had a few teaspoons. Here I was amazed that at 4 months old she was “starting” the weaning process by introducing solids when she hasn’t even got the hang of breastfeeding yet!

I say “starting weaning” fairly loosely, because I don’t expect to actually start her on solids for another month or two, but it was somehow symbolic. And we all know food before one is just for fun.

But still, what a funny milestone. What a mixed up world my little CC lives in!

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