Homeschooling in Israel

This post is just a mass of thoughts. I take no responsibility to do any of the things I talk about, or that they’re the “right” thing to do either!

So we’re in Israel at the moment! We got here on Thursday, and today is Wednesday. So far all we’ve really done is get ready for Shabbat/Chagim, and go to synagogue! Ha! Today Saadia has gone to get us a hire car which is great, so we’ll be able to drive around and see some more things!

So how does homeschooling fit into travelling like this!? Well, travelling IS an education – whether you write it down and do the math or don’t. It’s still an education and it’s still a valuable experience. I guess you could say we’ve gone totally unschooling rogue this term! But I do really want to take advantage of the fact that we’re in Israel and particularly boost our love for Eretz Israel, and improve our Hebrew!

Here are some ideas of how we can incorporate this:

  • Download the Google app and use the translate photo feature to translate packaging etc.
  • Hebrew sight words
  • Buy some Hebrew learning books
  • Practice using only Hebrew for certain words at home (will take practice for Saadia and I also!)
  • Buy games in Hebrew and learn to play them in Hebrew!

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