Homeschooling Thoughts from a newbie (again)

I am now officially homeschooling all my kids! It feels quite “right” but also very overwhelming, and a huge responsibility. Some days I feel like I’m doing so much with them, and other days I feel like they might be falling behind. I can tell this is ridiculous, because we’re only a few weeks in. They’re not going to fall behind in just a few weeks! It’s just that self doubt creeping in…

When I first homeschooled Lior back when he was in Prep, things were different. Different for me for sure (my first child at school, 2 other very little kids at home, and my health was very poor), but also the homeschooling environment was very different!

Back then, in 2017 people homeschooled because either this what they believed was the ideal way to education children, or because they had a child with some special needs or neurodiversity and they weren’t working in the school system.

I’m noticing this time the majority of people who are homeschooling are people who are just starting this year, and who are dissatisfied with the education system, government, and the state of society as a whole (I have not met a single homeschooling parent yet who would get the Cvd vaccine). They realise that the education system is floored and that if they put some effort in, they can probably do just as good of a job!

But because these parents never intended to homeschool (almost all in my area sent their kids to school last year and have taken them out this year to homeschool), they also recognise that they can’t do it alone. They don’t really have anything to prove. And so the COMMUNITY is amazing! People are willing to trade ideas and skills and resources. People are wanting to meet up for fun, but also for learning, and parents are wanting to support one another. It’s really beautiful to see, and a real joy to be part of!

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