How long does it take to relax?

We’re half way through our 2 weeks in Cyprus. A holiday within out Israel holiday! Israel is amazing and beautiful, but there is this constant feeling of wanting to make the most of every moment you’re there, and because we’re always 1, doing things on the cheap, and 2, “living” there as opposed to staying in a hotel or resort, it means there’s a lot of mental overhead being there.

The purpose of our 2 weeks in Cyprus is to stay a hotel with a pool, by the beach, and just do… absolutely nothing. No guilt about days filled with endless screen time, and trips to the same beach over and over and over again. Just relaxing.

Even on day 1 we felt like we’d made a mistake. Maybe this is WAY too long to relax and do nothing?! Maybe we should have only done one week?!

BUT we’re 1 week in, and I feel like I’m only JUST starting to relax now. Like it has taken a FULL WEEK to calm the F&*# down and stop thinking so much, and to just… be. I realised it today when I felt the urge to CREATE again (something I have felt too continually overwhelmed to do the entire time we’ve been away – and if I’m honest for probably months before this trip) in the form of making a video and it all just came so naturally and freely and beautifully. Creative mojo! May it never leave me again!

I’d attempted to make a video at the start of the week (because you know, I wanted to make the most of my 2 weeks off… :-/ ), and it was just clunky and made me tired and it just… didn’t work.

So there you go, don’t underestimate the time needed to unwind and loose the “busy” momentum! I’m pretty sure once this next week is over and I’ll be so relaxed I won’t want to go into “sight seeing hustle” mode for our last week in Israel! But either way, maybe it’s what I need in life right now!

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