Life’s Purpose

The other night Luke and I were talking, and he asked me if I knew what my purpose on earth was. I was grateful to discover that I did in fact know, and not only that, but I could put it into words and sentences and it all made sense. Hooray!

I feel like my life’s purpose is to cultivate and regenerate the land that I have access to. I did this when we were renting in Brisbane, and I do this now, just on a much larger and more permanent scale. To me this means making sure the land I have access to is rich with native plants, void of weeds that seek our and destroy native plants and spaces, and also that the land I have access to is profitable – that it produces fruit and vegetables and herbs and all manner of food. Not only that, that the soil I use it’s just full of synthetic fertalisers and chemicals, but that it’s as natural as possible. That I use our food scraps and leaf litter to make compost to feed my plants. The I utilise animals if possible for manure and plant management. Things like this.

And my second purpose ties into the first in the I want to be a wise Jewish woman oracle – one who is a bit of healer, with herbs and potions and what not. But more specifically I want to be engaged in reviving Jewish postpartum rituals and care. But also helping with all women. Basically, if I help every birthing woman I can with meals and a listening ear, or… whatever she needs in her postpartum time, no matter if they’re Jewish or not, I will be fulfilling my life’s purpose. Ideally I would love to help and encourage people to prepare for their own postpartum.

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