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I’ve been feeling unhealthy of late. Nothing so major, just a tired-ness that’s come over me. My thyroid isn’t up to scratch (though the test results are looking fine), and I’m slowing gaining back the weight I lost during pregnancy and early postpartum. I’m keen to get back to this sort of prime health state I was in during the fourth trimester! Weeks 3-7 of postpartum were some of the most stressful times of my life (my new baby wasn’t growing – at all – and there was a real concern for her life), but my body and mind handled it amazingly well. My midwives kept noting when they saw me every few days! I put this down a lot to how well I was being looked after. Anyway, I was thinking on this, and wondering why I was feeling so healthy in the first 3 months or so after birth, and I realised it came down to something super simple – my body was functioning well because I was looking after it.

So in the interest of getting back into that state, I want to note down all the things that I didi for my health etc., during that time. These include:

  • Drank bone broth regularly
  • Ate three meals a day
  • STRICTLY avoided all foods I am intolerant to (gluten, dairy, eggs)
  • Rested frequently
  • Other people (either Luke or my mum) did my chores for me including my most stress-y jobs like getting the kids ready for school in the morning and picking them up
  • Drank a lot of water
  • Kept on top of all my supplements (primarily magnesium, iron, Vit D, and a pre-natal which includes zinc and selenium), and medicinal herbs (primarily I Am Gaia, and Reishi)
  • Didn’t have to worry about any household concerns

Obviously only some of these things am I able to re-create in a day to day sense now. Unfortunately I do not have a live in housekeeper or nanny! Ha! BUT, that’s okay. There is still plenty more to focus on just with everything else, because I realise in going through this list that MOST, if not all of things things on this list I don’t do anymore.

For example, most days I only eat one meal a day – dinner. It is all I have time for. Not because I’m so busy, but because my baby is clingy, and I’m often tired because I didn’t eat properly at the previous meal. I sometimes eat a packet of chips or something all together unhealthy of “lunch”. I love salads, but just don’t have time to make them with grabby hands trying to “help” me cut things when she’s in the ergo, or a soundtrack of wailing if I put her down! I don’t drink enough water, and I’m in no way on top of my supplements. Anyway, you get the drift! I want to try and get back to this, so I’m setting myself some small goals.

  1. Fill up water bottle each day and take it everywhere. Refill at least once in the day, bonus points for more than once (maybe I should literally give myself points for these things and I can get a prize at the end of the month?!).
    Just do this and continue on with next point immediately.
  2. Commit to not consuming allergens at all. It’s not hard, you’ve done it before. CC will also be better off if you do this. THINK OF THE BABY. Maybe prepare a few small snacks (like bliss balls) to have on hand for snacks to avoid temptation.
    Just do this and continue on with next point immediately.
  3. Write up a supplement schedule, make sure they’re all topped up, and maybe even buy one of those pill containers just to make it easy! Do this consistently for 1 week before moving on.
  4. Make some batches of bone broth and have for lunch each day (best to freeze in single servings so that it can be easily microwaved). This will help increase my bone broth intake, help me eat lunch each day, and also help me stay strong and not sneak any dairy in the day due to the 6 hour wait time after eating meat.
    Do this consistently for 2 weeks before moving on.
  5. Batch cook some lunches to freeze or store in the fridge ready to eat (move bone broth consumption to breakfast time!). Ideals include rice bowls, roast veggies salad, soup…
    Do this consistently for 2 weeks before moving on.
  6. TBA.

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