True Self

At my last chiro session we did a series of positions and meditations on our true self, and opening our heart to our true selves.

This is a concept that isn’t foreign to Judaism. In Judaism we call it Teshuva, and while there’s a time of year (Elul) when it’s most potent and critical, it’s good to do teshuva all year round!

Since that session last week I’ve been letting the idea pop into my mind. When it does I take some big, heart opening breathes, and ask Hashem to do the work in me, and show me the work that I need to do, to be my true self.

My true self is closest to Hashem. It’s a peaceful me.

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  1. Luke

    I enjoyed Rabbi Ingram’s Purim newsletter where he likened Purim to Yom Kippur, even going so far as to say that it’s possible to make an even higher kapara during Purim. Maybe this is the right time of year after all?


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