Zero Waste Changes – June & July

Hey everyone! Over the last two months we’ve made a bunch more zero waste changes, which I thought I would update you on. I’ve done a vlog, which you can watch below, or continue down further to read all about what we did in June & July.

Video Links

Zero waste changes in May blog post

I buy ugly fruit and veg, and produce without plastic from Charlie’s Fruit & Veg here in Brisbane.

I mostly bulk shop at Naked Foods, and The Source Bulk Foods.

Zero Waste eCourse with Spiral Garden.

Zero Waste Changes


Traveling – tried out a cutlery kit. It was a good experiment, but it needs some more refining. I will probably try some bamboo cutlery rather than stuff from my cupboard just because I have to carry a few sets with me.

Plastic Free July – this was a fail for me. I wasn’t prepared, and neither were any of the members in my family. We’ll try this again another time.

Signed up to Spiral Garden’s zero waste course. I’m excited to have bought this course and have started this week. I particularly love the family meeting questions they have, and long lists of resources. I think it’s important to have the kids totally on board and educated about this!

Zero waste event hosted by The Source with Anita Vandyke (Rocket science) – Luke and I attended this together, and it was great to listen to her story and ask our questions. I wish we’d gone to the Bea Johnson event as well!


Continued with all things from May update.

Made spaghetti from scratch (holy delicious batman)

Added new compost bin

New keep cup so Luke & I both have one

Bought super cheap tomatoes to turn into puree/freeze to use instead of canned tomato


Safety razor

Shampoo bar



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