Believe In Yourself Art Journaling Page

Hey everyone! I have an art journaling process video for you today. I used some pages from a children’s book for this page, which is part of my “Play” altered book.

I am keen to do a few more pages using bits from this book. The illustrations are beautiful, and because they have a watercolour-ish style they are relatively easy to add to and turn into a cohesive page!

Let me know what you think! Do you ever use book pages in other languages in your art journaling?

Art Journaling Process – brachot before eating decision tree

As you know from other blog posts our family is in the process of converting to Judaism. One of our recent lessons included learning the brachot for food, and when to say each blessing. We had already been practicing this for a while, so this wasn’t a big hurdle, but it was great to have some of our more weird questions, for example – what bracha do you say for nori when eating sushi? Still trying to find out the answer. I don’t even know if you can buy kosher nori. We’re doing kashrut next, so that will be the biggest shake up so far I think…

Anyway, back to this art journaling page. I feel like I need to make some sort of disclaimer to say that this isn’t a complete “decision tree”, and it’s not intended to be used as a teaching tool or anything. Heck, I’ll probably not even look at this page again unless I randomly flip through this journal! I just wanted to make something relevant and this seemed fun. 🙂

Hope you enjoy this video! I will have another video on this blog over the weekend, and another one next week, yay!

Mid June 2018 Jewish Art Journaling Pages

I want to try and share my art journaling pages more regularly here. Not with big explanations and things that will stop me from sharing – it’ll mostly just be the pictures and that’s it! But I hope you enjoy them. I share my art way more regularly over on my instagram – @taliamakesart, so follow me there if you have insta!

Rosh Chodesh Tammuz - jewish art journaling
Rosh Chodesh Tammuz – Jewish art journaling
Back to Black - monochromatic art journaling page
Back to Black – monochromatic art journaling page
Gelli printing art journal page
Gelli printing art journal page
"Hello" spiral art journaling page
“Hello” spiral art journaling page
1 of 4. Cut through art journaling page of an eye and flower petals.
1 of 4. Cut through art journaling page of an eye and flower petals.
2 of 4. Cut through art journaling page of an eye and flower petals.
2 of 4. Cut through art journaling page of an eye and flower petals.
3 of 4. Cut through art journaling page of an eye and flower petals.
3 of 4. Cut through art journaling page of an eye and flower petals.
4 of 4. Cut through art journaling page of an eye and flower petals.
4 of 4. Cut through art journaling page of an eye and flower petals.
"dreamer" art journaling page - altered book
“dreamer” art journaling page – Altered book page using acrylic, scrapbooking paper, and chinagraph pencil.

VLOG: Why SAHMs Should Make Time For ART!

inhale the future, exhale the past

Mums! Do you ever find yourself wishing you had more time for art? Or like it goes to the bottom of the priority list in your life? Well this vlog is for you. This is how I went from never having any time for my art, to making it a priority!

Key Points:

My story of going from being cranky and frustrated to making art a priority and being a happier, more attentive mother because of it.

Making art a priority – adding art journal pages to your to do list!

Consequences of not doing art, and consequences of not doing the washing.

Not doing any household duties in the evenings after the kids are in bed.

Blocking out time in your daily schedule for art.

Prioritising art is not self indulgent.

If you know you only have X hours during the day to do your chores because the evening is blocked out (for art!) then guess what?! You will get it done! (within reason!)

Lets continue the conversation – let me know in the comments what’s stopping you and we can try and find a fix!

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Art Journal Process Video: A Reflection of death & grief

Hi everyone, and welcome to my first process video for the year. This was quite therapeutic to put together, and I loved just having a chat with you guys in the voice over.

In the video I explain how I’ll be improving this channel in 2018. I look forward to your input!

As I work through this art journaling process video I talk a lot about death, and grief, and the reality of not having any tomorrows promised to you. I hope that by the end it is encouraging for you. Sometimes art journaling is less about the page you make, and more about the therapeutic process you went through whilst making it. That’s definitely what this page was for me, and I felt really free by the time I’d finished – like I’d worked through any unknown fear or worry that was in the back of my mind.

Please don’t forget to “like” and “subscribe”. I’d love to get a comment from you – tell me what you think of my philosophy on death and life, or my plans for 2018!

Hello 2018

art journaling page of a girl with text in her red hair

Hello 2018! I am looking forward to creating beautiful art this year.

I thought I would start this blog with a list of some of the creative projects I will be working on in 2018.

  • Weekly Parsha Project. This project is where I create an art journaling spread related to the weekly parsha (torah portion). I started at the beginning of the cycle a few months ago after Simchat Torah, and will continue through till then. I missed a few weeks while we were away, so it’s a priority for me to catch up on those ASAP! You can check these all out with the hashtag #taliastorah on my arty instagram.
  • One Little Word. This is my first year doing this project! I often choose a word for the year, but this is the first time doing the course. I haven’t bought a kit of anything, just the course, and hope to complete it simply and efficiently. I do NOT want this to turn into another unfinished project.
  • Rituals Class. I won this on New Years Day, and I am so excited to participate!
  • Regular art journaling goals – I want to art journal frequently, and continue to learn new things.
  • YouTube. It’s here if you want to subscribe. This year I’ll be posting twice a week – one day will be a process video like the ones currently there, and the second one will be a review of a product including ways to use it. Part of the reason I am doing this is because I want to increase my following places so that I can make it onto a design team for 2019.
  • Family photobook. I like to think this is an ongoing project, but it seems it’s just a December/January project! I like putting these together and having all out photos from the year in a neat little book!
  • Monthly Videos. I’ve been enjoying watching some of the old monthly videos I was doing a few years ago. It’s so sweet to watch the kids being smaller, and learning to talk, and walk and all those things. Luke would LOVE it if I got back into these again, and I want to really try hard to put aside time to do them.

So this is a lot of projects, right?! I figure now that I’m off facebook, Lior is a school 5 days a week, and Eli at kindy 2-3 days a week I should be able to make it work. It will require some self discipline and organisation though!

Do you have any creative projects you’re working on this year?