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5 Beginner Tips for Shopping at the Bulk Store // Plastic Free July

5 Beginner tips for shopping at the bulk store. In this video I’ve got 5 great tips if you’re trying out bulk shopping this plastic free july! I’ve listed them below as well for easy reading. 🙂 Got a tip for going to the bulk store? Please share it below! 1. If you’ve never been […]

VLOG : What’s In My Bag? Stay at home mum edition – zero waste & sustainability focus.

Hey hey! I’ve got a vlog today sharing what’s in my bag! As a stay at home mum with three little kids (1 at school, 2 at home), I usually have a few random bits and pieces in my bag. Spare undies, a random toy, a lonely shoe, or even a few pens and a […]


warning: rambly post ahead! I suppose we’ve been downsizing for ages now. Years really. Let me think… probably when Eli was still a baby (he’s 4.5 now), was when this all started. Before this I was a moderate level hoarder. I come from a line of moderate level hoarders on both my mother and father’s […]