Snow Day in Atlanta – December 8th 2017

One of the great things about being strangers to the snow is that when you’re travelling in a foreign city and it ends up being a snow day, it’s really no bother to you at all! I mean, for us, going back to our airbnb, turning up the heater, and grabbing a cup of tea while we look at the window at the snow fall is just as exciting as seeing the sights of Atlanta!

The place we’re staying at here in Atlanta is nice, and the host family (we’re in a granny flat out the back) is really welcoming and friendly. Our boys loved playing with the kids in the back in the snow this afternoon, then going into their house for hot cocoa – another classic “Americanism” I am glad they could experience. Hot cocoa on a cold snowy day – seriously, it’s what kids movies are made of.

We were out and about in the morning though – walking through the park in the icy rain, wishing it would snow, grabbing coffee (cue crying toddler in the middle of the shop because she’s obsessed with drinking your coffee when you’re not looking, and that’s seriously no good), and watching the snow start from our Korean lunch place.

We loved having a snow day, and it was made even better that it was in such an unlikely place like Atlanta!

WordCamp US 2017

Hard to believe that just last weekend we were heading into WordCamp US! Luke had tons of work to do while he was there, so we didn’t see him much, but I also had a ticket and really enjoyed going to a few of the sessions (as many as possible while looking after 3 kids!). Luke’s been working on a really awesome project called Tide and it was great to see it launch at WordCamp, and be announced during State of the Word, and to be there with him through it all (even if it did mean late nights and stressful times, it also meant celebrations and congratulations. I also got pretty good at tension releasing shoulder massages!).

I thought I might highlight a few of my favourite sessions I attended, including what I learnt from them and how this will impact me going forward.

Beginner’s Guide to Contributions by Josepha Haden.

I really enjoyed this talk by Josepha and particularly enjoyed how she highlighted ways we could contribute to WordPress without having to code (because that is not currently my strong suit!). I was inspired by the idea of writing documentation, and also being involved in WordCamps. 


This talk wasn’t so amazingly relevant to me, because of course I don’t code. But I thought it was really helpful to me to understand some of the direction the web is taking. I also feel like Luke might talk to me about something along these lines at some point in the future and now I will have some fundamentals understandings when he does!

Documentation for Developers by Katherine White

Again, I’m not a developer, but I felt like the things Katherine talked about were relevant across many fields and aspects of life, not just dev work. 

Kids and Code: The Facts and the Future by Sandy Edwards

I REALLY enjoyed this talk by Sandy. I felt really inspired as a mother in general, but especially as a homeschooling mum. I remember when I started this blog I only had a tiny Lior baby growing in my tummy, but my plans were to homeschool him, and to use my blog as a place to teach him about the internet, and writing, and all those good things. This talk really brought me back to all of that, and has inspired me to include more of this in my homeschool plan for 2018.

Sandy talked a bit about what they are doing in Kids WordCamps she has helped facilitate, and I found that to be incredibly inspiring. Perhaps it’s something I can be involved in in the future…

Raising Kids with Code by Jonathan Brinley

This was another great talk – and another inspirational one that I’m sure will affect the way I teach and parent my children in the future. Lior will by 6 in January, and I feel like he is almost at a point where he can benefit more from direct learning about code. Making logic based activities and using coding language will be a priority for me after listening to Jonathan’s talk.


Many of you reading this will know that last year (2016) Luke & I helped organise WordCamp Sunshine Coast. That was a great experience, but I also quite enjoyed just attending the WordCamp and getting to enjoy the sessions. If you can get yourself to a WordCamp you should! Even if you’re not a developer there is always helps on offer for WordPress users, including networking opportunities (and fun after parties!).

Feeling Alive

On Friday I spent a lot of money, and I booked a bunch of flights for out family of 5 to go to America at the end of the month. We’ll be gone for 3 weeks, and Luke of course will spend most of the time working. We have to be in Nashville for WordCamp US, as that’s the work stuff Luke has on, and will do a road trip from there to see a few things around the area.

Ahava (21 months), has never been overseas before. We did a long weekend trip to Sydney earlier in the year, which was great, but that’s the only travel we’ve done with 3 kids. So I’m excited! I feel alive, for sure. Not just because I spent a whole lot of money (Luke usually books the flights and things), but because we’re travelling! I love that it’s kinda late notice (we have less than 3 weeks till we leave), and that we don’t have a solid plan. It feels very “us”, and I like that.

When Ahava was born I totally came to peace with the idea that our family holidays probably didn’t involve months in Israel, or months of  travel hoping across the globe, and that was totally fine. I loved my growing family, and was happy to compromise travel for a season while our kids grew. Part of the reason Luke & I decided to have children “young” is so that when they’re all grown up we’ll have plenty of time to travel again before we feel too old. So it’s a long season without much travel, but still, a season.

This year I planned a few Australian based holidays. We did the Sydney trip, which was great, and I had planned a few trips for 2018 that we could drive to. Really, Queensland is a beautiful state, and there is so much to see and do that we haven’t taken advantage of. It’s great. But when I booked this flight – oh man, I’m on a high! I’m so keen for this, and so grateful we have the opportunity to watch Luke do some amazing stuff while he works as well.

I guess all I wanted to say, was that I didn’t realise how much I missed international travel (never missing the flights though – ugh), until I booked something in. Also, I’m inspired to write – so it must be good for me. 🙂

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