Author: talia

Parsha Noach

At first I was adamant I wanted to try and represent something other than the rainbow for parsha Noach, but then I asked myself… why? I’m just trying to get these done – stay committed to a task for the whole year. I don’t need to make this so complicated! So inspired by a rainbow […]

Self Care // Health

I’ve been feeling unhealthy of late. Nothing so major, just a tired-ness that’s come over me. My thyroid isn’t up to scratch (though the test results are looking fine), and I’m slowing gaining back the weight I lost during pregnancy and early postpartum. I’m keen to get back to this sort of prime health state […]

Breastfeeding Dayenu

Breastfeeding Chaya has been a rollercoaster ride. So many ups and downs, so many things have happened I never expected. Chaya is my fourth baby. I have breastfed her siblings for 16, 23, and 36 months each with only minor difficulties. I never expected to have any trouble the fourth time around! But trouble we […]